How do you make the world’s most powerful neutrino beam?

Neutrinos (and their antimatter counterparts, antineutrinos) are born as other particles decay, carrying away small amounts of energy to balance the cosmic ledger.  NOVEMBER 14, 2019 by Lauren Biron, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory What do you need to make the most intense beam of neutrinos in the world? Just a few magnets and some pencil lead. […]

Massive photons in an artificial magnetic field

During the research, conducted at the University of Warsaw, the unique behavior of photons trapped in the cavity was found as they behaved like mass-bearing quasiparticles.  NOVEMBER 12, 2019 by University of Warsaw An international research collaboration from Poland, the UK and Russia has created a two-dimensional system—a thin optical cavity filled with liquid crystal—in which […]

First magnet installed for the ALPS II experiment at DESY

There are several theories that try to explain the nature of dark matter and the particles it may consist of.  OCTOBER 29, 2019 by Dr. Thomas Zoufal, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron The international ALPS II (“Any light particle search”) collaboration installed the first of 24 superconducting magnets today, marking the start of the installation of a unique particle […]

Physics researchers break new ground, explore unknown energy regions

OCTOBER 10, 2019 by Kathleen Haughney, Florida State University Florida State University physicists are using photon-proton collisions to capture particles in an unexplored energy region, yielding new insights into the matter that binds parts of the nucleus together. “We want to understand not just the nucleus, but everything that makes up the nucleus,” said FSU Professor […]

World’s Most Efficient Single-Photon Source Created Using Time Multiplexing

By UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING  OCTOBER 5, 2019 The experimental setup in Kwiat’s lab at the Loomis Laboratory of Physics. Credit: Siv Schwink/University of Illinois Department of Physics Next-generation single-photon source for quantum information science: Kwiat group achieves most efficient single-photon production ever. Over the last two decades, tremendous advances have been made in […]

Solving the pancake problem

Research sheds light on the transition from liquid to solid in macroscopic particles By Leah BurrowsAugust 29, 2019 Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences f you swirl a glass of wine clockwise, the wine inside will also rotate clockwise. But, if you’re making a blueberry pancake and you swirl the pan […]

MIT graduate student slices microwave pulses to test advanced accelerators

Julian Picard: Chopping microwaves, sharpening instincts Paul Rivenberg | MIT | Plasma Science and Fusion Center August 12, 2019 “Looking through microscopes has never been my thing,” says Julian Picard. As a graduate student in the Department of Physics, Picard works with the invisible world of particles and electromagnetic waves every day, yet he is motivated […]