New twist in quest to develop understanding of time crystalline behavior

NOVEMBER 21, 2019 by University of Exeter The quest to develop the understanding for time crystalline behaviour in quantum systems has taken a new, exciting twist. Physics experts from the Universities of Exeter, Iceland, and ITMO University in St. Petersburg, have revealed that the existence of genuine time crystals for closed quantum systems is possible. Different […]

Research reveals new state of matter: a Cooper pair metal

The idea that boson-like Cooper pairs are responsible for this metallic state is something of a surprise, the researchers say, because there are elements of quantum theory that suggest this shouldn’t be possible. NOVEMBER 15, 2019 by Kevin Stacey, Brown University For years, physicists have assumed that Cooper pairs, the electron duos that enable superconductors to […]

Quantum transition makes electrons behave as if they lack spin

The experimental part, led by Professor Silke Paschen, was conducted in the laboratories of the Vienna University of Technology (TUW) in Austria.  NOVEMBER 14, 2019 by José Tadeu Arantes, FAPESP The common phase transitions are those that occur as a function of temperature variation. Ice changes phase to become liquid water at 0 degrees Celsius. Liquid […]

Surfing on waves in a one-dimensional quantum liquid

OCTOBER 18, 2019 by University of Luxembourg Physicists from the University of Luxembourg, together with international collaborators, have recently published an article in the internationally renowned journal Physical Review Letters. In this article, they demonstrate how quantum-mechanical interference effects could allow experimenters to better study the properties of particles trapped in quantum liquids via resonances in the […]

Manipulating atoms one at a time with an electron beam

New method could be useful for building quantum sensors and computers. David L. Chandler | MIT News Office The ultimate degree of control for engineering would be the ability to create and manipulate materials at the most basic level, fabricating devices atom by atom with precise control. Now, scientists at MIT, the University of Vienna, […]

Quantum Vacuum: Negative Energy & Repulsive Gravity

By FLORIAN AIGNER, VIENNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY OCTOBER 2, 2019 Is it possible to borrow energy from an empty space? And if yes, do we have to give it back? Energy values smaller than zero are allowed – at least within certain limits. Energy is a quantity that must always be positive – at least that’s what […]

Less than zero energy – quantum vacuum

by Vienna University of Technology Energy is a quantity that must always be positive—at least that’s what our intuition tells us. If every single particle is removed from a certain volume until there is nothing left that could possibly carry energy, then a limit has been reached. Or has it? Is it still possible to extract […]

Detraction-free light-matter interaction

AUGUST 23, 2019 by Julia Weiler, Ruhr-Universität Bochum An efficient light-matter interface might constitute the foundation of quantum communication. However, certain structures that are formed during the growth process interfere with the signal. Certain semiconductor structures, so-called quantum dots, might constitute the foundation of quantum communication. They are an efficient interface between matter and light, with […]